Comic #1

Gwenbari & Leandre

Comic #2

Women Only

#1 - Gwenbari & Leandrė

#2 - Women Only

- About Gwenbari -

Gwenbari Rosenhain (ᚷᚹᛖᚾᛒᚨᚱᛁ ᚱᛟᛋᛖᚾᚺᚨᛁᚾ), Gwen for short, is a travelling merchant from Germantica. She considers herself a lover of good drops, the fair sex and hard cash. As an opportunistic hedonist she always tries to find the most profitable and pleasurable route in every regard.Acquaintanceships say that she has a heart of gold; Cold and hard at the first glance, but surprisingly soft and prone to the touch.Some assume that there's a deeper reason she - a dwarf, usually uranophobics, who avoid walking under the open sky - is travelling through the lands, other than just mere coin.Others say it's because this exact rarity of dwarves at the surface brings her fame and wealth.She never stays long both at places and with people, but she likes having travel companions for a short while.

- About Germantica -

Both the country and continent Germantica are beautiful and full of diverse races and cultures, many of which that haven't been explored yet.You can find out more about Germantica and its culture, countries, races, dishes & more here. (German Only)

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By Josh Busby

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